Monday, 26 April 2010

Nethy day 1

Hello folks
We all arrived safely at Nethybridge around 4.30 this afternoon. The boat trip was a wee bit choppy and resulted in some poor souls having a technicolour yawn! However they all handled it very maturely and felt much better when we got out into the fresh air. The bus was waiting at Scrabster and we had a lovely run down the road with the weather improving steadily as we went. We had a brief stop in Brora to stretch our legs and sample some of the delicious ice cream!
When we arrived we were shown into our chalets and given an introductory talk. We even had a quick fire drill so that we all know the safety procedures.
Time then for a quick kick around of the football before a dinner of broth, fish fingers and yet more ice cream!
Everyone was quite hungry by this time and ate a good helping.
Insch Primary school have a party of pupils here too so there will be many football matches I suspect as there seems a keen competitive spirit amongst the youngsters (and perhaps our male leaders too!)
After our free time we will have a Timeout gathering together in the theatre, then supper and time for bed. I don't know about the pupils but I will sleep well tonight I think!
Not many photos for you tonight but check out the slide show below.

Here are some brief video clips from today.


  1. Great to see that you have all arrived safely and already exploring the great facilities - playing football on grass in the sun with real football nets!

    Have a great week I know you will rise to all the challenges you will face this week.

    Mrs Bleakley

  2. Hope you are enjoying the first day of activities. Thank you for the video clips - wish I was there again! Great fun!
    Go Glaitness football team!

  3. Great to see your video clips - have a great time!

    Mrs Rendall