Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day 3

Another peaceful night at camp! Chalets are looking surprisingly tidy too! Football turned into rugby last night (choice of the other school!) and many people were very tired afterwards. No wonder they slept well with all the fresh air and exercise.
Here are some video clips from yesterday that we didn't manage to upload last night.

Today has mostly been about climbing with all groups tackling the climbing wall and abseiling down a massive tree! Everyone should be extremely proud of themselves today for the way they have tackled their challenges, some overcoming their fear of heights and especially for the way they have encouraged and supported each other. It's great to see them going beyond what they thought they would be capable of and it's also a huge boost to their self esteem when they have that feeling of achievement at the end. There's a fantastic feeling of team spirit amongst the groups too.
One group had a canoeing session on the pond and got extremely wet! They had a bit of target practice too at the archery range where Emma managed to achieve the highest score. Well done Emma.
The other two groups had a great time on the dry ski slope and have to be commended for their perseverence. The surface is quite hard and it is really painful when you fall but everyone just picked themselves up and got on with it.

Julia says she thought that skiing looked really boring but now that she's had a go and really enjoyed it she can't wait to have a go for real.Here's a slideshow of the day.Don't forget that you can leave a comment at the foot of the blog if you like!

You can see some video clips of todays activities further down the page.They take a while to upload on to the blog so it may be later before they appear.


  1. It looks like you're all having a brilliant time - we like the look of all your exciting activities.

  2. That looks like big trees you abseiled down!
    The activities look like such fun and a great challenge too!
    Mrs Rendall