Saturday, 1 May 2010

Day 5

Day 5 started with lots of packing, organising and finding lost property before setting off on our last adventure - a forest walk to Loch Morlich. After a short minibus ride we walked along a beach and then into the woods, learning much information about the area as we went. In the woods we saw some spectacular scenery and the effects of nature were obvious on some of the trees.
There was a bridge and stream just perfect for a game of Pooh sticks
and we had a few games of 'camouflage' in which we had to make ourselves look invisible amongst the trees. Those with bright colours were easy to spot but others became very good at hiding! We managed to find everyone again thankfully. We learned many interesting facts about woodlands as we went but all too soon it was time to go back for our final lunch and goodbyes.
A huge thank you must be said to the excellent instructors who were vigilant with safety instructions, always patient and encouraging. Thank you Pete, Sam, Keedy, Steve and others involved with our groups. The whole experience was very well organised the centre facilities are ideal for school trips and also family adventure holidays.

Here we are outside our chalets before we left.

We had a good bus trip up to Scrabster and made good time, arriving long before the waiting rooms were open so thanks to the driver for allowing us to stay on the bus until opening time.
The boat trip was better than the first one with some people managing to catch up on some much needed sleep! Although everyone had a great time there was much cheering and waving when parents and siblings were spotted at the pier.

Again a huge thank you must be said to Leslie and Graham for their massive input and support. It was really appreciated. It is invaluable to have leaders who know the rules of football, a great sense of humour, and are willing to take part in the challenges themselves!

The pupils have to be commended also for their resilience, perseverance, courage and team spirit shown throughout the week.

There were many special moments, much laughter when things went wrong, challenges met and hidden skills brought to the fore! It all helped to make the trip such a success.

Here are some images from the barbecue on Thursday night and the forest adventure.

At last some video footage from over the week that I haven't managed to get on the blog before!