Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day 2

Everyone behaved immaculately overnight and had a good sleep ready for today and what a busy day we've had!
We started the day with some orienteering around the grounds. Using the maps was a great way to help us get to know where everything is and finding some of the objects was quite a challenge. We had a competiton to see who could find most points and the result ended up very close. Razzle Dazzle were the eventual winners so well done Ryan, Ruth and Robert! Is it something to do with the letter R?
The groups were split for afternoon activities with groups 1 & 2 tackling the silver maze and group 3 on the zipwire and adventure course.
The zipwire is really high and a bit daunting but our guys were great and rose to the challenge as you would expect! Some adults even had a go!
(Conversation between Camron and Mrs McRae -
Camron:I want to hear you scream.
Mrs McRae: Why would I scream?
Camron: Because that's what old people do!
I hope he meant adults!)
Adam and his dad had a shot too so we are all proud of each other tonight.
The Adventure course has lots of ropes, nets and tunnels to tackle and is great fun. Here's Emma emerging from a tunnel.
The silver maze group had great fun tackling their problem solving challenges and some ended up quite muddy! Ms Rosie had a problem holding on to her shoes and will definitely need to get the cleaning stuff out tonight!
Again everyone was very engaged with the activity and proved they able to meet any challenge although Kayleigh says that the Mission Impossible is Impossible! She advises anyone trying it to wear old clothes and shoes!
Everyone had a quick swim before tea and are now having some well earned free time - I guess it's footie again for some! Others are enjoying the air hockey, table football and pool as well. It's great to be able to meet pupils form the other school and make some new friends too.
Check out this fabulous photo Mrs Bunning took of Adam coming out of a tunnel!

Here's a slideshow of more people having fun and also some nature shots. We have seen some squrrels but haven't managed to capture them on film yet!


  1. Hi again!

    Is Miss Rosie needing some super glue for her shoes? Well done for the zip wire challenge! Great photo of Adam, Mrs Bunning -very artistic!!
    I will speak to Mrs McRae the morn again for an update. Enjoy...... Mrs Rendall

  2. Hi P7. We loved looking at all the photos and videos. It looks as if you are all having a fantastic time. The school is very quiet without you! Enjoy the rest of your week. From Class 2 :)

  3. Looks like you are having a brilliant time. It is very quiet here in school without you all. We like the photo of Adam in the tunnel. Have you beat the other school at football yet?
    Lynn & Mrs Thompson.

  4. Hi everyone, We can see you are all having a fantastic time, the photos & video clips are great, look forward to hearing all about it when you get home, I only hope that the weather stays dry at the weekend for all the washing!!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week and see you all soon
    Donna Y